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3 Reasons Why Independent Artists Should Own Their Virtual Stage

  In the wild world of music, independent artists are always looking for fresh ways to make waves online. One move that's been catching fire? The live-stream performance model. It's like your own personal concert, beamed straight to your fans' screens. Here are three reasons why jumping on the live-stream bandwagon could be your ticket to the big leagues: 1. Expand Your Reach With live-streaming, you're not just playing for the folks in the front row—you're rocking out for fans around the globe. No cramped venues or dodgy sound systems, just you and your music, beamed worldwide. I recently watched a video of Justin Timberlake, who crushed it on NPR's Tiny Desk series with his 15-piece band. His set was amazing and triggered that nostalgia that reminds us all why we love JT and why he’s a legend in this industry. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him sing “Until the End of Time”. That is one of my favorite R&B songs of all time. But the video performance sho

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