3 Reasons Why Independent Artists Should Own Their Virtual Stage

 In the wild world of music, independent artists are always looking for fresh ways to make waves online. One move that's been catching fire? The live-stream performance model. It's like your own personal concert, beamed straight to your fans' screens. Here are three reasons why jumping on the live-stream bandwagon could be your ticket to the big leagues:

1. Expand Your Reach

With live-streaming, you're not just playing for the folks in the front row—you're rocking out for fans around the globe. No cramped venues or dodgy sound systems, just you and your music, beamed worldwide. I recently watched a video of Justin Timberlake, who crushed it on NPR's Tiny Desk series with his 15-piece band. His set was amazing and triggered that nostalgia that reminds us all why we love JT and why he’s a legend in this industry. I was pleasantly surprised to hear him sing “Until the End of Time”. That is one of my favorite R&B songs of all time. But the video performance showed how live-streaming can take a video performance to the next level. It can create an experience where the listener can be there without being there. It also allows you to see your songs played out in a different setting. For example, some artists may only be used to performing over the instrumental of their song, but a live performance gives you and the fans a chance to experience that song with live instrumentation, lighting, and just an aesthetic that will add to the memories associated with that song. That’s the beauty of technology.

Imagine this: You're in your home studio, laying down tracks and vibing to your beats. With a few clicks, you can share that energy with fans in Tokyo, Berlin, or Rio. Live-streaming breaks down barriers, letting you connect with a global audience and grow your fanbase like never before.

2. Digital Dominance

The music world is going digital, and live-streaming is leading the charge. From Instagram Live to Twitch, artists are finding new ways to connect with fans online. Celebs like JT are proving that the digital stage is just as legit as any concert hall. So why not take the spotlight and own your virtual stage? Think about it: No more waiting for venue bookings or dealing with soundcheck headaches. With live-streaming, you're the boss. You choose the setlist, the vibe, and the visuals. It's your chance to showcase your music exactly the way you want, and fans love the authenticity and intimacy of a live-streamed performance.

3. Cash in Anywhere, Anytime

The best part? You're not bound by venue availability. When COVID-19 shut down live shows, artists turned to live-streaming to keep the music going. It's not just about reaching fans; it's about creating your own revenue streams, even when the world hits pause. Picture this: You're on tour, and a sudden storm forces a venue to cancel your show. Instead of disappointing fans, you fire up a live-stream and perform from your hotel room. Fans tune in from all over, and you not only make their night but also earn some extra cash. That kind of flexibility is a game-changer for indie artists looking to make the best with what they have. Many people discredit the consumer and assume that paywalls are great of a barrier of entry online, but about 78% of fans have gone on record to say that a paywall for a livestream isn’t too great of a barrier for entry, considering the artist has free content available for consumption as well via a blog or social media posts. Fans are willing to pay, we just have to be willing to do what it takes to get in front of them as artists.

Platforms like Pro Visionary Sound give you the tools to host killer virtual shows and rake in the fans. It's your stage, your rules.

Ready to plug in LIVE with your fans? Check out Pro Visionary Sound and get ready to own your stage.


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